Spiritual Warfare in 3D

Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as he had kept it open all these years. ~Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible

In the early to mid-80s, well-to-do families in the American South possessed a home computer. My family was no exception as we owned the best-selling Commodore 64. As an only child, it was a saving grace over the long hot summers.  I’d spend hours playing games like Where in the USA… or Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? or my all-time favorite Dungeons of the Algebra Dragons. Its safe to say that I complex math was the only thing Algebra Dragons taught, I also learned something about spiritual warfare.

The game’s backdrop is centered in a multi-story dungeon. As the main character, you are portrayed as a short-legged red-headed youngster. The multi-fold objective is to find two golden keys, then find your way out to safety. As best stated in a 1985 review: “There are three floors in the dungeon and where you are when you decide to exit determines how many ladders you must find.”1 Although this may sound easy, its far from it because you are not alone.

As you scurry from room to room, prepare to meet:

  • The obsessively-compulsive dragons who had enough power to bring the game to a halt so you can answer their math question. If you got it wrong, you’d lost some our gold-depository savings, but if you got it right, you’d win some continuing along on your journey.
  • Sometimes catching a ride on the hip of  the dragons, the poisonous black spiders who are just as obsessive as the dragons in interpreting with your efforts since their role was to inject their venom into your veins, physically crippling your efforts. After three bites, the game was over.
  • The anonymous white ghosts who always appeared to fly in right in the niche of time. Unfortunately, their “aid” wasn’t always helpful as they could easily dropped into a bottomless pit which you climbed out of or died as a result of.

Based on my Christian [ithoughts_tooltip_glossary-glossary glossary-id=”227″]upbringing[/ithoughts_tooltip_glossary-glossary] , I associated the dragon with Satan, the spiders were his demons, and the ghosts represented the Holy Ghost (Spirit). Even the bottomless pits had a symbolic purpose serving as examples of how our life decisions kept us repeatedly falling into and crawling out a sinful lifestyle.

But am I right in making such an assumption? [ctt template=”9″ link=”1T2Jx” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]Is battling Satan, avoiding his minions, and waiting on God to save us the full extent of our lives here on planet Earth? @gyh_press[/ctt] After surviving the house of Jezebel, I was starting to wonder. <#thojbook>

~Jaketha Farmer, The House of Jezebel

You’ve just read an excerpt from the Rethinking Satan chapter of the forthcoming book The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing. To learn more about me, please visit http://www.jaketha.com or to get a feel for how Algebra Dragons was played, watch the sample YouTube video below. <drj>

1Dungeon of the algebra dragons. (1985). Commodore Microcomputers, 33.
2Algebra Dragons (2008, Feb. 20). YouTube.

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