Death in My Mom’s “Horoscope”

She had to die so you could live. – God

Jaketha’s Mom: 1957-2000

Its been nearly 15 years since I heard those words dropped into my being and they still bring me chills. For the past several weeks, I’ve felt compelled to gather the natal (birth) charts for key family members that will be covered in The House of Jezebel regardless if they’re living or deceased. Well today, I began that search and I’m alarmed at the “coincidences” found in my mom’s chart.

  1. She was born on February 8, 1957 under the sun sign of Aquarius () and the moon sign of Cancer.
  2. Her turning point event happened around the age of 7 when her father disappeared from her life. According to his wife, his cause of death was  “reportedly suicide.” This mark the beginning of a life-long contentious relationship with her mother.
  3. Fast forward to about six years prior to her death (around the age of 37), she found a lump in her left breast that was later diagnosed as breast cancer.
  4. Within the next few years, she underwent several medical procedures – a lumpectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy.
  5. By early January 2000, the cancer had spread and at least six cancerous tumors were found in nearly all of her major organs. She was given six months to live.
  6. She lived for six months and six days, dying on July 6, 2000 with the Moon in Virgo, while the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars were all in Cancer.

What I already knew:

  • The nearest chakra to the breasts is the heart. The heart chakra is the seat of the Soul and is associated with relationships and emotions, such as love, acceptance, compassion, guilt, forgiveness, peace, and harmony.
  • The spiritual root of breast cancer is associated with a long-term contentious relationship with a sister or a mother.
  • On her deathbed, she confessed that she never got over the death of her father (“broken heart”).
  • My mom was “daddy’s little girl”.

What I’ve learned (connecting the dots):

  • In alignment with her natal chart:
    • Those with Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Cancer “tend to hold in pain and frustrations ad infinitum…. [Furthermore] a great deal, obviously rests on [their] early home situation and whether it was secure and emotionally encouraging and helped to developed a positive self-image.” (Source)
      • Therefore, those with Moon in Cancer are people who are highly emotional and very sensitive to the moods and/or needs of those around them.
      • The Zodiac Cancer also symbolizes nourishment and motherhood. Such individuals under its sign hold tight reigns on (memories of) the past and past events, which is also evident with the Sun in her 4th House.
  • Mars in the 6th House is associated with irritation as it relates to one’s inability to solve their life’s problems.
  • Gemini in the 8th House is associated with lungs. (She had a huge tumor on one of her lungs causing troubles not only with breathing but also with mobility).
  • Neptune in 12th House makes one prone to unusual fears and anxieties (hypochondria).
  • In alignment with the heavens on the day she died, the celestial positions (ephemeris) were as follows:
    • Moon in Virgo:
      • Virgo is associated with diseases in general.
      • The Moon deals with the mind and heart and thus represents our upbringing and emotional background. From a medical astrology perspective, it is associated with breast-related diseases and rules the heart, lungs, breast, brain, blood, body fluids, renal (kidneys), lymphatic duct, etc.
    • Sun. Mercury, Venus and Mars were in Cancer:
      • Although erroneously linked to skin, in medical astrology, the zodiac symbol of Cancer is associated with the chest, which includes the breasts and the stomach.
        • Sun is associated with stomach, heart, relapses of previous diseases, etc.
        • Mercury rules the chest, nervous system, skin, gall bladder, nerves, lungs, etc.
        • Venus rules the throat, glands, etc.
        • Mars rules blood, marrow, energy, red blood cells, etc.
    • The repetitive of the number 6 (Source)
      • Six represents the Universe – “As above, so below…”
      • Six is the symbol of health
      • Six represents equilibrium (balance) and harmony.

I’m sure that are other similarities that I am sure to have missed. (If you know of any, please share in the comments below). Nevertheless in my forthcoming book – The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing, I’ll connect the dots sharing more about the strained relationships in my mother’s life ultimately played roles in her ultimate demise. I’ll also share insights on the mysterious death of her father – an otherwise healthy man who reportedly completed suicide at the age of 30, leaving behind a wife and two young daughters – both under the age of 10.

For weeks after her death, I continuously questioned God about her life’s purpose and why she had to suffer for so long. The answer I ultimately received from above was “She had to die so you could live.” Fast forward to my life and things I have experience since her death and its all starting to make sense. I finally beginning to understand why she had to die so I could live. <drj>

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