The House of Jezebel

"...Your own family is your enemy." (Micah 7:6)

Wearing a mask is essential in The House of Jezebel. Outsiders should never unmask the inner turmoil experience as a tenant there. When the "lady of the house" wasn't eat away at your soul during the day, there were ghostly shadows and otherworldly figures at night to capture your attention. With an inner knowing since the age of 5 that there was something sinister about her family, travel along with the author as she exposes the roots of the spirit of Jezebel as you've never heard it explained before.

About the Book

Is Your Soul Under Attack?

Synopsis: The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing is a spiritual memoir with a self-help twist. As early as kindergarten, I knew something was wrong with my family. To the outside world, it appeared as if we had it all, but to those who stepped inside for a spell, the view was entirely different.

Growing up in the American South where family secrets are carried to the grave, it was the unexpected death of my mother that set my divine destiny in motion. For over 15 years, God placed me on the path toward learning what a true family is and what it isn’t but not before I made a few mistakes of my own.

Combining a mentally and emotionally debilitating childhood with lessons learned then and now, The House of Jezebel exposes the modern-day grip of the ‘spirit of Jezebel’ as it continues to ‘kill off’ the next generation before they can even leave the natural womb of their mother’s belly, let alone grow up and tap into the Divine Power of their own spiritual wombs for birthing out purpose and destiny as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stable adults.

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About DrJaketha Farmer

A certified spiritual life coach, natural health consultant, energy healer and author of the forthcoming book - The House of Jezebel; Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing, Dr. Jaketha knows a thing or two about overcoming challenges having spent over two-thirds of life either living in or trying to escape the matrix mindset as a result of being raised in the house of Jezebel. Traveling along with her as she continues to unravel this spiraling journey toward healing and restoration. Learn more about her everyday life experiences on her author site at
Genres: Biographies & Memoirs, Comparative Religions, Memoirs, Metaphysics, Religion & Spirituality, Self-Help, Spiritual
Publisher: Guard Your Heart Press
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
List Price: 14.99
eBook Price: 9.99
About the Author
Dr. Jaketha Farmer

Jaketha Farmer truly has the heart of a coach and mentor since she has experienced a lifetime of pain in regards to being on the receiving end of negative energies, forces, and related entities like that of the archetypal Jezebel Spirit. As a result of her own emotionally and physically harsh upbringing, she is a leading authority for helping others overcome the effects of Jezebel upon their mind, body, and spirit for finding their voice, re-identifying their life's purpose and fulfilling their divine destiny in spite of it all. In her debut mystically focused, self-help book - The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing (2018), she will expose the a demonic activity of a parental caregiver that fully embodied the Spirit of Jezebel and the "dark night of the soul" experiences that restored her sense of Self.

Jaketha holds a doctorate in Christian Education and is currently pursuing metaphysically-focused doctorate of divinity in Biblical Interpretation. Furthermore, she is a certified Natural Health Consultant and an energy healer certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher with an emphasis in crystal healing and in Pranic Healing (Level 1). To learn more about her, please visit her website at

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