In this sixth episode of The House of Jezebel Book Podcast, Dr. Jaketha provides a basic overview of the sacral charka and how a Jezebel can exploit it. She also explains how the sacral and the womb chakras are 100% different with the womb chakra exceeding the significance of all seven major chakras joined together. In addition, she shares ways to balance the sacral chakra, along with providing affirmations and crystals/gemstones to wear or meditate with. Namaste, I hope you enjoy the show! | Length: 42:38 <drj>

In our newest podcast series entitled Jezebel Through the Chakras, we will take a look at the seven major chakras exploring how dark and sinister forces and exploit these energy centers to create ailments and issues in our lives on some many levels that we may or may not be aware of. Beginning with an overview of chakras in general then moving on to the specifics of the root chakra, Dr. Jaketha also provides ways in which Jezebels utilize such energy centers to disempower us – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. I hope you enjoy the show especially for those new or unfamiliar with the world of chakras. <drj>