Last week, Spirit reminded me of a common occurrence amongst the Jezebels I’ve encountered (in this lifetime). It seems that these Charismatic (Jezebel) types have their own set of misplaced priorities that they live by – even if they fail to see how such priorities – when carried out – tend to result in hurt, confusion, and/or chaos for those around them. In other words, their priorities are centered around doing for everyone else except for the people that are actually in their corner.

This doesn’t mean that they always ignore those closest to them but their approach in doing so usually turns out a little a$$ backwards. Instead of asking (or even fully considering) what the other party might need and delivering it (if they can), a Jezebel might take your request, completely jumble its meaning, and ultimately, deliver a result that is far from what you even need. Despite their results being “all wrong,” they will get highly offended if you don’t give them a pat on the back for all of the bending over backwards they did FOR YOU! 👉 To be honest, its almost better to just be ignored (by them).

Now, when they are actively ignoring you, is likely because they are busy seeking out new (or maintaining relations with existing) prospects – long-forgotten friends, neighbors who live on the other side of town, lovers from twenty years ago, and even total strangers, so they can perform some awesome acts of service to win them into their manipulative corner. At the same time, they are actively failing to offer (or even fully acknowledge and extend) the same level of support to their own child(-ren), spouse/partner, parent, next-door neighbor, etc. It’s like they’re totally blind (😎) to the needs of those closest to them. Or perhaps, they’ve subconsciously chosen to not see into the other person’s situation for fear of having to face their own. 🙈 But then again, I’m getting a little ahead of myself.