The Reality of Satan: An Informal Survey

Growing up in the Deep South under the cloak of the Southern Baptist faith, it’d likely be considered a sin to openly express doubts in the reality of Satan. Yet this  very doubt is addressed in one of the first several chapters in the forthcoming book – The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing.

Depending on who you might ask, the description of Satan varies from one extreme to the other. For example: Children might describe him as a little red monster with a tail and pitchfork to match. Meanwhile the average adult – depending on his or her faith – might say he’s an invisible enemy that influences our lives, often tempting us into sin and temptation – remember Eve – or that he’s a non-entity, simple the fabric of one’s imagination.

Nevertheless, I’d like to know what your beliefs are regarding the Evil One. Below is an anonymous eight question survey to learn your beliefs about this well-known enemy of God. It will literally only take a minute to feel out. I’ll post results at a later date. <dr j>


Survey Source: Wilson, K. M., & Huff, J. L. (May 2001). Scaling Satan, Journal of Psychology, Vol. 135, Issue 3, p. 292.t