ATTENTION: Please don't let the scriptural references fool you. 
This is not a contemporary Christian title! #metaphysics #mysticism #gnostic #thojbook



“….God calls everyone and gives them the power to respond – but to be chosen, we must respond to the call, using the power God gave us for that purpose.”
-Ken Collins1

A Jezebel Spirit is a strong powerful leader of the demonic kind who entraps those whom Source (God) has chosen, by yoking to their mind, body and/or spirit. Through mental manipulation, domination, and intimidation, people with a Jezebel Spirit secretly plot against God’s people working through them to achieve the following:

  • To obtain illegitimate headship over churches, families, businesses, and governments
  • For indoctrinating others with false and immoral teachings that keep their followers conformed to worldly trappings, thus cutting off authentic relationships between themselves and [the] God [within]
  • Hindering their ability to discover and/or fulfill their life’s purpose/destiny

Until the evil spell has been broken, Jezebel’s followers will live under a religious spirit in all areas of their lives, thus bringing a curse upon themselves which could result in aggressive sickness (or disease) that leads to an untimely death.

Yes, there is hope for Jezebel’s followers but there is no hope for Jezebel [itself] despite popular opinion. You see we all have the ability to become mini-Jezebels, thus displaying some “Jezebel tendencies” because of our human nature. But I consider a true Jezebel as one who fully embodies the evil personality of the original Jezebel in the Old Testament and for her (and her likeness), there is no hope. These evil ones have their own gods to worship, consider themselves above correction by the One True God… Therefore, they will never ever see the error of their ways. But once the trance is broken off of the hearts and minds of its followers, only then are they able to repent and return to God to God with their whole hearts, understanding that lifelong deliverance is necessary because the next Jezebel lies ahead. For you see, the battle against Jezebel is ongoing for those who are truly called and chosen according to His/Her purposes.2

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2 see Matthew 22:14