Dear Reader:

In case you’re wondering, my new book, The House of Jezebel, is due to hit bookshelves (virtually) in 2018. Until then, allow me a few moments to share what this book is about, and why you should pre-order your copy.

As a small child wondering where God was in the midst of my pain and suffering, The House of Jezebel delves into the meaning of life, speaking to those raised in – and still trying to overcome – a narcissistic family environment with a Jezebel at the helm. In this book, Dr. Jaketha takes a metaphysical view of the Spirit of Jezebel explaining how it undermines the consciousness on today’s modern family. As you progress from chapter to chapter, the author will unmask the “energetic roots” of such a spirit, especially in how its form of “Baal worship” is secretly hidden in every facet of our lives.

Pulling back the curtain in a way few pastors would ever dare, The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing aims to shed esoteric light on how Jezebels – especially those hiding in the Christian Church – secure control over their victims. No one is safe – not family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, pastors, government officials – NO ONE is safe from its grip!

But now is the “age” (season) for such “hidden works” to be exposed. Now is the time for the people of the Universal God to become fully free in their hearts and, if not for themselves then for the fulfillment of the God-given destinies in this lifetime or the next but also for future generations (legacy).

In addition to sharing paranormal experiences throughout my life, The House of Jezebel consists of topics such as: [sample chapter names]

  1. Explore my emotional sanity as it relates to my upbringing [“Am I Crazy?”]
  2. Reflect on my religious upbringing as it relates to being easily influenced by a Jezebel [“Diagnosis: PTCD”]
  3. The reality and influence of Satan and “his” religious origins / metaphysical meaning [“Rethinking Satan”]
  4. Metaphorically identify “demons” not as “solely” negative entities but as low-level thought patterns that keep us from identifying let alone fulfilling our God-given destiny [“Jezebels in the Midst”]
  5. Explain how “demons” embed into our minds, bodies, and/or souls (through our ego) [ditto]
  6. Metaphorically identify the Spirit of Jezebel and how does “she overtakes” or gains entry into our lives [ditto]
  7. Explore the physiological impact of those who lived (and died) as a result of exposure to the “low-vibrational fumes” of the house of Jezebel [“Death Became Them”]
  8. Identify how a Jezebel gains control through sexual abuse – even if performed by others – and financial abuse [Ritualized in Sexual Darkness” & “Financial Ties that Bind”]
  9. Identify the relationship between Baal and the Universal God [“Your Inner Divine”]
  10. Examine how we willingly serve the “false god” of Baal in our everyday lives (without even realizing it) [ditto]
  11. How to gain control over your thoughts and cut loose from Jezebel’s grip to manifest your needs (and wants) [ditto]
  12. Discuss how to look within to awaken the mystical spirit of Elijah that lies within all of us (not just those ‘gifted’ in the Church). [“Elijah Within”]
  13. Discuss how to manifest your heart’s desire – with pure intentions and for the highest good of all involved – through the mystical application of the spirit of Elisha [ditto]

Reading this book will surely challenge your theological beliefs of the past 2000 years. So buckle your seat belt Dorothy, and let’s get ready for a ride through and out of the Matrix. Join me as I search “historical texts” and oral histories, along with uncovering pre-Christianity beliefs regarding not only the Bible, but also my paranormal, emotionally and sexually abusive experiences. A full-circle journey from trying to “find God” in the midst of her pain of the past to rediscovering God within.

It is truly a story that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about “good versus evil”. You’ll either be glad you bought it or mad you read it but only the ready, willing and able will survive a thorough read-through!

Dr. Jaketha Farmer, Author
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