Writing & Early Christian Church Truths

Why aren’t Christians Jewish especially since Jesus is depicted as Jewish?
Who was Jesus and did he have a wife or not?
Should the Bible be taken literally, figuratively, or a little bit of both?
You decide after you’ve heard my findings!!!

In my third podcast – still entitled Writing Ain’t Easy… (Part III), I share research from multiple sources regarding the three main factions of the early Christian Church: Pauline Christians, Jewish Christians – not to be confused with today’s Messianic Jews, and Gnostic Christians. I also shared a few of my newfound beliefs as a result of shifting from a Pauline (or exoteric) to Gnostic/Mysticism (or esoteric) mindset.

Since the fall of the Roman Empire, the force has most profoundly affected Western culture is Christianity. Its influence is so pervasive that we don’t even realize its effect; we just take its rules for granted….People were not given access to the Bible until the 17th Century, and even then knowledge of the content of the Bible was not widespread until the 20th Century. The Church has had such a firm grip on spiritual affairs, often combined with the State, that we simply have not been able to rethink it.” (Essay: 2000 Years of Pauline Christianity by 30CE.com)

Be sure to tune into my third episode for the #THOJBOOK Podcast, and have your pen and paper handle if you’re into this kind of study. If you’ve missed the previous podcasts, please visit our website and click on Explore & Discussion, then #thojbook podcasts. In the meantime (and between time), enjoy this newest episode and feel free to share your positive comments below or for more private decisions, join our Reader’s PowWow Forum located on The House of Jezebel website here. If you decide to post, let’s be kind in our interactions. Any disrespectful or argumentative comments will be deleted, banned, and/or blocked.

~Dr. Jaketha, Author of The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing

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PODCAST SOURCES: (in order of disccussion)

  • The Mystical Life of Jesus: An Uncommon Perspective on the Life of Christ by Sylvia Browne (Amazon)
  • 1001 Surprising Things You Should Know about the Bible by Jerry MacGregor & Marie Prys (Barnes & Noble)
  • Forbidden History – The Real Mary Magdalene (American Heroes Channel/AHC)
  • Did Jesus Exist?: The Historical Argument for Jesus for Nazareth by Bart D. Ehrman (Amazon)
  • Christianity: An Ancient Egyptian Religion by Ahmed Osman (Amazon)


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