by Jaketha Farmer – Podcast Host, Author, Intuitive Writer, Spiritual Life Coach & more…

Based on her forthcoming book, The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing, comes the newest podcast series by the author herself. Travel along with Jaketha Farmer as she highlights the writing process, shares book excerpts, and writing tips along with heartfelt expressions as she regarding her 17-year shift from a traditional Christian mindset into that of a mystic. Unfolding over the past 17 years, tune in as she explores the spiritual growth/awakening process that involves identifying and uprooting previously held thoughts and beliefs of the Jezebel kind. To learn more the book, please explore this site – – or visit the author’s site at



(#1) Writing Ain’t Easy… (Part 1/3) – Jaketha shares why The House of Jezebel can no longer be deemed as a Christian-themed book. Although she was raised in the Southern Baptist church, in the past 17 years, she has undergone several  *MAJOR* spiritual awakenings (or “dark night of the souls”) that has caused her to reexamine my own beliefs about herself, her life’s purpose, and even her faith. As a result, the writing for The House of Jezebel came to a screeching halt as she had to start anew. | Fall 2017

(#2) Writing Ain’t Easy… (Part 2/3) – Jaketha goes into more detail about her spiritual awakening process along with defining what is a mystic and exploring the esoteric and exoteric differences between a mystic and a traditional Christian believer. | Summer 2017

(#3) Writing Ain’t Easy… (Part 3/3)Jaketha shares research from various sources regarding the three main factions of the early Christian Church: Pauline Christians, Jewish Christians – not to be confused with today’s Messianic Jews, and Gnostic Christians. She also shares a few of her newfound beliefs as a result of shifting from a Pauline (or exoteric) to Gnostic/Mysticism (or esoteric) mindset. | Summer 2017