She had to die so you could live. – God

Jaketha’s Mom: 1957-2000

Its been nearly 15 years since I heard those words dropped into my being and they still bring me chills. For the past several weeks, I’ve felt compelled to gather the natal (birth) charts for key family members that will be covered in The House of Jezebel regardless if they’re living or deceased. Well today, I began that search and I’m alarmed at the “coincidences” found in my mom’s chart.

  1. She was born on February 8, 1957 under the sun sign of Aquarius () and the moon sign of Cancer.
  2. Her turning point event happened around the age of 7 when her father disappeared from her life. According to his wife, his cause of death was  “reportedly suicide.” This mark the beginning of a life-long contentious relationship with her mother.
  3. Fast forward to about six years prior to her death (around the age of 37), she found a lump in her left breast that was later diagnosed as breast cancer.
  4. Within the next few years, she underwent several medical procedures – a lumpectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy.
  5. By early January 2000, the cancer had spread and at least six cancerous tumors were found in nearly all of her major organs. She was given six months to live.
  6. She lived for six months and six days, dying on July 6, 2000 with the Moon in Virgo, while the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars were all in Cancer.