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Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing
 by Jaketha Farmer

Based on her forthcoming book, The House of Jezebel: , comes the newest podcast series by the author herself. Travel along with Jaketha Farmer as she highlights the writing process, shares  excerpts, writing tips and other heartfelt expressions as she regarding her 17+ year shift from a traditional Christian mindset into that of a mystic. Tune in as she explores the spiritual growth/awakening process that involves identifying and uprooting previously-held limiting beliefs of the Jezebel kind. Feel free to explore this site – – to learn more about this title as well as visit her online at



In our newest #thojbook podcast series entitled Jezebel Through the Chakras (JTC), we’ll discuss the basis as it relates to the seven major chakras. In each podcast, the author of The House of Jezebel will overview each chakra and provide specific examples of how dark forces – in this case the spirit of Jezebel – can and do utilize these energy centers to disempower our lives especially if we are unaware of how they (chakras) function to keep us physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially healthy.

2019-2020 Episode Listing…

  • Ep5: Jezebel through the Root Chakrasee below ⤵
  • Ep6: Jezebel through the Sacral Chakrasee below ⤵
  • Ep7: Jezebel through the Solar Plexus Chakra see below ⤵
  • Ep8: Jezebel through the Heart Chakra – up next
  • Ep9: Jezebel through the Throat Chakra Coming Soon
  • Ep10: Jezebel through the Third-Eye Chakra Coming Soon
  • Ep11: Jezebel through the Crown Chakra Coming Soon

Episode #7: Jezebel through the Solar Plexus Chakra

*** Released 1/3/2020 ***

Episode #6: Jezebel through the Sacral Chakra

Here’s the direct link to the SACRAL CHAKRA. Remember, you can also visit the Chakras or Auric Layers sections on the author website located at There you can find details on all of the seven major chakras. 

Below are the affirmations shared during this episode. As always, these are best read aloud with intention near a body of water (if possible):

  1. I embody a peace that surpasses all understanding.
  2. I AM free from the need to misuse food, money, people and the like for self-medicate.
  3. I AM happy, healthy, and a creatively whole being.
  4. I AM content in my own skin.
  5. I fully allow my feelings to flow through and out of my being with grace and ease.
  6. I AM a sacred being and I am worthy of giving and receiving authentic love.
  7. I AM a sacred being who is worthy of being nourished and extending a nurturing nature to others.
  8. My relationships are an extended form of joy in my life.
  9. I AM a magnet for like-minded people who wholeheartedly support and comfort me.
  10. Sex is a sacred act that I cherish and experience in healthy ways.

Lastly, for the sacral chakra, I mentioned the following crystals/gemstones – typically orange in color – citrine, moonstone, orange calcite, and orange jasper, among others.

Until next time….Namaste! 🌌
~Jaketha Farmer, Author of The House of Jezebel (#thojbook)

Episode #5: Jezebel through the Root Chakra

Here’s the direct link for the ROOT CHAKRA. As promised, below are the affirmations shared during this show. Remember to recite them aloud with intention while out in nature (if possible):

  1. I AM safe and secure.
  2. I AM open to abundance and prosperity flowing into and taking residence in my life.
  3. My body supports me in living a happy, healthy and whole (or holistic) life.
  4. I trust that the Universe is in my favor and that life is my reward through which I shape and mold my existence.
  5. I AM grounded in knowing that I AM destined to be here.

Also, in this episode, I failed to provide gemstone recommendations. So for the root chakra, typically the stones are black or red in color and they are hematite, black obsidian, black tourmaline, garnet and bloodstone. Feel free to explore more about this chakra or any of the other descriptions provided on the author’s website located at for further details on all of the major seven chakras.

Until next time…. Namaste! 🌌
~Jaketha Farmer, Author of The House of Jezebel (#thojbook)

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