Goodbye & Farewell, My Jezebel

As is being currently documented in my forthcoming book, The House of Jezebel, despite what my Jezebel did during my upbringing and even throughout her “alleged” mannerisms in the months leading up to (and since) her death, I still remain neutral (in my feelings) toward her. I have neither the time or energy to be angry, resentful, or remorseful over her. Don’t get me wrong! I’ve long since forgiven her but even forgiveness does not require one to return to the source of their suffering for the abuse to resume. Therefore, her death not only sealed the deal on my ability to release her spirit and its influence on me and my family’s life. Nonetheless, I have no ill will against her despite her mean-spirited games and other dramatics. And of course, these shenanigans were of her own doing; her one last attempt at having control over “everything”. Despite all of this, I still carry not a spirit of relief, anticipation or entitlement in her regards! I trust my own Source and the Universe too much in that regard.

Remembering My Mom

Just like when my own mom died of breast cancer nearly 20 years ago, I went through an awakening of sorts in which I developed a better understanding of her as a person. However, that was only possible through her taking the initiative to inform all of us of her diagnosis in the first place. I won’t go into details – it’s in the book 🙂 – but that “open door” provided the opportunity for my mom and me to hash out a few of our differences during her final months. Thankfully that short time period was free from any kind of belittling or demeaning behavior as we had both been taught by our Jezebel. Actually, after having shared and discussed with my mom how I felt about having been left in the house of Jezebel, I finally felt somewhat heard, understood, and accepted. For once in my life, my personal feelings were taken into consideration and validated by someone of my own flesh and blood, and who better to fulfill such a role than my own mother.

I cherish the window of my life because there was no need for her to resort to attacking me because I dare disagree with her as quite customary in the house of Jezebel. Nor did I need to be concerned with anyone being sent to deliberately desecrate my body simply because they had the power to do so. It only took 25 years for that to happen. Finally, a difference of opinion between former tenants of the house of Jezebel were both acknowledged and appreciated. Til this day, I still cherish those last few months of her life. I still recall our weekly telephone chats. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my relationship with my Jezebel.

Forgetting My Jezebel

I don’t mean to sound harsh but at this point, its water under the bridge regarding how long she was ill. This is don’t care about but what I do care about is/was the condition of her soul. Not in the religious connotation but from a mystical or metaphysical perspective. Since her death, it has become obvious that in all these years, everything about her underlying character remained the same and that’s heartbreaking in a sense. Despite the social mask she wore for the public for 80+ years, wickedness was still very much a part of nature. Now her eunuchs may disagree with me and that’s fine because they’re entitled to their opinion. Jezebels are known for shown different people, different sides of them. But her eunuchs bother me because her death provides the perfect opportunity to cut those puppet strings, heal and develop thy sense of Self, that excludes a Jezebel stamp of approval. But then again, that might be too much for them to consider.

Perhaps, they truly are more comfortable operating under the remnants of her demonic spell regardless if she’s here in the flesh or not. So, who am I to question their loyalty? At the same time, who are they to dare question my absence from the BS? We all make soul decisions either willingly or through coercion to live as we (or our controller) sees fit. It’s only when we come to the end of our own lives when its time to cross over that we are then required to review our own soul’s progress against our soul contracts, and finally judge ourselves in how we acquired or eliminated karmic debts.

In the case of my Jezebel, when you understanding the alchemy of it all, this wasn’t her first lifetime operating under the Jezebel Spirit and it surely won’t be her last. Therefore, this karmic role that she seems to happily star in from one lifetime to the next was her choice. She chose to play devil’s advocate to others. Just as I made the choice to break free from her grips and not stay tied to a soul contract that continuously allowed a Jezebel type to override my own free will. In not allowing such, I gave myself the freedom to reconnect with the Divine, walking in my own spiritual birthright, for living out my preordained purpose and destiny, apart from Jezebel’s unhealthy influence.

Bidding You All Adieu!

So to all my Jezebels, sociopaths, and narcissists, across all levels, layers, on all planes, timelines, and dimensions, thank you for the life lesson and subsequent exams. With my diploma now in hand, I hereby stay a permanent farewell to you all. To seal the deal even tighter, I hereby permanently revoke and all remaining contracts that are in your favor but are outside of my Highest Good. You and your kind are hereby uprooted, utterly destroyed, and permanently banished from producing bad fruit in my energy field now and forevermore. So goodbye and farewell, to all my Jezebels.

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A certified spiritual life coach, natural health consultant, energy healer and author of the forthcoming book - The House of Jezebel; Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing, Dr. Jaketha knows a thing or two about overcoming challenges having spent over two-thirds of life either living in or trying to escape the matrix mindset as a result of being raised in the house of Jezebel. Traveling along with her as she continues to unravel this spiraling journey toward healing and restoration. Learn more about her everyday life experiences on her author site at

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