The Ritualistic Death of a Jezebel

In my forthcoming book The House of Jezebel, there’s a chapter entitled Jezebels Among Us. As that chapter opens, I share an unexpected encounter from 2000 in which I was divinely introduced to my now-deceased Jezebel. Yep, you heard me right – my Jezebel – the wicked witch is dead! ⚰ May she find rest until her next lifetime 🚼 and yes, she is coming back into the earth plane.

Regardless of her form/state, death is not the end. So just because she’s no longer in a physical body in the Earth plane doesn’t mean she’s gone forever. When death is fully understood by the mass, then all will understand what I mean when I say – for the time being, she’s just on the different frequency. This is important to know and understand because death alone does not bring resolution to problems and issues created and/or left behind by the decedent.  In other others, the death of an abuser doesn’t resolve any pain and memories they bestowed upon their victims. The hurts don’t die with them, it remains with the victim until the victim finds the strength to transmuted into love. The only “inconvenience” provided by one’s physical death is that old wounds are once again torn open, exposing the “pus” of negative thought patterns that still need to be siphoned out for full healing.

Eunuchs Need Healing Too

To be honest, I have more sorrow for/toward my Jezebel’s eunuchs then I had for her. I feel sorry for them. As any adult of sound mind, I can’t imagine anyone willingly sticking around and enduring such manipulative treatment for so long, then having that “connection” permanently snatched away them. Unfortunately, the longer you opted to stay in that environment, the longer the mourning process. You may even say to others: “Oh, I’m fine!” But you are not because when you get by yourself, you sense the loneliness of loose puppet strings that she (or he) controlled your through. You forsook your own Divinity and allowed him or her to be your god.

Instead of “searching for me” as a lifeline, you might want to search for the lost (or missing) parts of yourself. Let your Jezebel death free you so you don’t attract another Jezebel. Seek out your own much-needed healing apart from his/her influence. Validate yourself. My story is mine and yours is yours. Simply put, I hold no “help me break from from my Jezebel’s grip” antidote for you. 💉  That’s the inner shadow work that every victim of Jezebel must do on their own!

For my own sanity, I long since opt to depart from the house of Jezebel and wasn’t in active communication with anyone in that area. But sorry, I am not. So, my Jezebel hasn’t leave me overjoyed nor devastated. Again, I prefer to remain neutral in my feelings. Whatever emotions arise, I face them, then I return to my position of being neutral. What I was really hoping is that none of her community eunuchs would come my way. But that’s too much to ask. Within 24 hour, all on the front end and behind the scenes of my social media pages, websites, email, and text messaging – in they came – “looking for a scoop”. 🍨 Well, the only scoop I have you is that I am not her. I am not even the me you think you use to know. I don’t have the time or energy to play games with you. So, whether you’re hiding in the shadows or you’ve come at me direct, I want you to know: “I see you boo boo 👁 and I’m sorry for your lost! I hope you either get some healing or find a demonic replacement soon. However, that’s a Queen’s reward that I cannot and will not accept. 👑 Not today, not ever! So, bye bye to all the Felicia’s (because I really don’t want to be uncivilized and have to block any of you)!” 👋👋👋

The Art of Identifying a Jezebel

Now, on a serious note… That divine intro, which happened 18 years ago, left me wanting to learn as much as I could about the Spirit of Jezebel. But within a few years, I grew tired of the need for specific signs and checklists to confirm what I had already been told by God. What I don’t believe in – is calling someone a Jezebel out of spite. In my case, I received divine confirmation via a supernatural encounter – a vision plus a literal word (impression) from God – to know the exact “demonic” entity I was dealing with. I have and will continue to rely on the Intuitive Word (Ohm) of Source (God) as my Truth!

Yet through that experience, one thing became quite obvious: [ctt template=”12″ link=”573C3″ via=”yes” ]There comes a time when the Universe opts to pull back the veil so light can expose what darkness has kept hidden.[/ctt] So whatever happened to me during that spiritual unveiling was a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to see the true nature of the woman that had raised me. Someone in the heavens wanted me to finally know what I had been “wrestling” with my entire life because one day I would be helping others break free from such. ⛓

So, with her recent demise, I half-heartedly tried to see if there were any “dots to connect” from an astrological or numerological perspective. Yet I still wasn’t all that interested in finding any particular patterns – just curious! Again, I had my divine encounter from 18 years prior to stand on, so I didn’t need anymore signs and wonders. But I got one anyway. Almost a month after her death – actually three days short of her one-month anniversary, the signs jumped right out at me. The heavens – once again- was choosing to confirm nearly two decades later that my Jezebel – whom I may start calling “the Queen” – really was a Jezebel. So, if you dare to proceed, let’s explore them, shall we?

The Ritualistic Death (& Burial) of a Jezebel

As a quick overview: “the Queen” died on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 “about 4am”. I was finally told about her funeral one week after it happened. According to local newspapers though, her funeral was held on March 20th at the largest venue in town – not a church – exactly a week after her death. She was likely buried that same day at a local cemetery. Now, let’s dissect this:

  1. Let’s start with the number 13. Universally, it is considered an unlucky number, right? – a bad omen. So she died on an “unlucky day” to begin with especially since 13 is considered a karmic number. In some cases indicates that one has a karmic debt owed – see paragraph karma and reincarnation below.
  2. The number 1: “signifies selfish abuse of the number that follows…the number 3 in 13: creativity energy and joyfulness turn into frivolity and superficiality.” (Source)
  3. Also, in numerology, the number three is associated with communication. Therefore, “the 13 energy deals with a particular set of problems that one was to come to terms with in their lifetime.” In this case, even the eunuchs can’t deny the Queen’s communicative ways. Due to her birthday, a few weeks earlier, she had just entered into a personal year 3 (or a 3-year (life) cycle).
  4. Now, in astrology, the number 3 is associated with the planet Mars. In addition, Mars is the ruler of Tuesday meaning it carries a character of being “frank, forceful, [in hope it] motivates others”. (Source)
  5. Furthermore, the number 3 is the numerical value for the month of March. Interesting enough,  the demon associated with March is Satan. Remember, in traditional Christianity, Satan is the ruler of Hell but in esoteric circles, satan is symbolic of the (lower) ego, or man’s own personal will.
  6. In regards to time, the number three also appears as both hours and minutes. For example: 3 AM and 3 PM.
  7. But isn’t it interesting how 3 AM is the start of the “hour of death” also known as the “witching hour” or the “devil’s hour“? 🤔
  8. Actually the most potent time for “casting spells” during the witching hour falls between 3 and 3:30 AM. Isn’t the around the time she died anyway? Nonetheless, at time of death, the Queen’s physical location means she died during the astrological hours of Saturn and Jupiter. So, I’m sure you are aware of the connection between Saturn and Satan, right? Or, that the planet Jupiter, which is the biggest planet in our solar system? And that Jupiter went into retrograde mode five days prior to her death (March 8th). In addition to the Jupiter Retrograde, which doesn’t end until July 10th, the planet Mercury, which is associated with communication is getting ready to go into retrograde mode.
  9. So she died after the start of the Jupiter Retrograde and during the pre-shadow of the Mercury Retrograde (MRx)? The MRx is all about communication problems, specifically glitches with technology, electronics, and travel. Actually, the MRx pre-shadow occurs two to three weeks beforehand, following by the actual retrograde period which last about three weeks, then ends with the post-shadow for another two to three weeks.  (As a rule of thumb, the pre-shadow is a time of preparation, whereas the post-shadow is a time of reflection.)
  10. Let’s move review the burial date, which per the newspaper was on Tuesday, March 20th. Since when did my people have a funeral during the middle of the week? 🙄 Well, in this case, if her funeral were pushed ot that weekend, then no one will have come since it would have been Easter. So why would anyone choose March 20th as an ideal day for a funeral? In case you need a hint: “No one plants anything that don’t expect to spring back up later.”
  11. Well, March 20th was the first day of the Spring Equinox (a.k.a. the first day of Spring). Equinoxes occur when the sun shines on the equator and when the length of the day and night are nearly equal. This only happens twice a year in March and again in September. This – my dear ones – is the perfect time to perform a ritual centered around death and rebirth. Whether they realized it or not, someone totally ignorant of this meaning or someone highly skilled in magick planned this funeral.
  12. I guess I should inserted here that in numerology, the number 3 also has negative traits, such as a sign of a “spectacular rise and fall”. So, in this case, to perform a ritualistic burial would have been quite a show as my Jezebel was greatly involved in a number of “secret societies”. Alongside from her formal occupation – school teacher, all of this would surely explain why her funeral needed a large venue. So I heard, nearly 400 came through. What you say now?!?💃
  13. BUT WAIT?!? WAIT!!!! WAIT!!!! Didn’t the biblical Queen Jezebel have like 400 prophets? Remember the prophets of Baal and Asheroth? Wasn’t it like somewhere between 400-450 of them?
  14. With that said, who intentionally chose to plant  – I meant bury – a Jezebel on the day of the Spring Equinox, knowing full well the ritualistic weight that would carry. So, you intentionally, planted a Jezebel at the start of Spring so that same soul type can resurrect later through/in another life from? Who in the hell cosigned this? Well actually 400+ attendants cosigned it. 😲
  15. I mean stop and think: Demonic hosts need a live body to function through so when their original host body becomes permanently unavailable, then they need to find a new body, a new host, a new Queen (or King) likely in the same locale, likely of the same low vibration/frequency! Oh my!!! I sure hope no one “attending” that ritualistic event was pregnant. If so, you may have unknowingly made a pact with the devil and “sold” your seed to be Jezebel’s replacement. #imjustsaying 👿 One way you’ll know is if you receive a visitation from her spirit. If so, then perhaps either You Are The Chosen One – the next Jezebel or Athaliah – or your unborn child (or grandchild) is. #sorrycharlie 🎯💣

“Everyone is held accountable for their past lives. Performance is judged upon how each individual interpreted and acted upon their life roles…Karmic payment will come in a future life…The price we pay for our misdeeds and the rewards received for good conduct revolve around the laws of karma. Perpetrators of harm to others will do penance by setting themselves up as future victims in a karmic cycle of justice…Karma by itself does not denote good or bad deeds. Rather is the result of one’s positive and negative actions in life…Our future destiny is influenced by a past from which we cannot escape, especially when we injure others.”
– Newton, M. (1994). Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn. pp. 51, 56, 70

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