The Backwardness of a Jezebel

Last week, Spirit reminded me of a common occurrence amongst the Jezebels I’ve encountered (in this lifetime). It seems that these Charismatic (Jezebel) types have their own set of misplaced priorities that they live by – even if they fail to see how such priorities – when carried out – tend to result in hurt, confusion, and/or chaos for those around them. In other words, their priorities are centered around doing for everyone else except for the people that are actually in their corner.

This doesn’t mean that they always ignore those closest to them but their approach in doing so usually turns out a little a$$ backwards. Instead of asking (or even fully considering) what the other party might need and delivering it (if they can), a Jezebel might take your request, completely jumble its meaning, and ultimately, deliver a result that is far from what you even need. Despite their results being “all wrong,” they will get highly offended if you don’t give them a pat on the back for all of the bending over backwards they did FOR YOU! 👉 To be honest, its almost better to just be ignored (by them).

Now, when they are actively ignoring you, is likely because they are busy seeking out new (or maintaining relations with existing) prospects – long-forgotten friends, neighbors who live on the other side of town, lovers from twenty years ago, and even total strangers, so they can perform some awesome acts of service to win them into their manipulative corner. At the same time, they are actively failing to offer (or even fully acknowledge and extend) the same level of support to their own child(-ren), spouse/partner, parent, next-door neighbor, etc. It’s like they’re totally blind (😎) to the needs of those closest to them. Or perhaps, they’ve subconsciously chosen to not see into the other person’s situation for fear of having to face their own. 🙈 But then again, I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Before I go on, let me stop here and clear up some potential misconceptions. First, it is honorable to help others, especially if those on the receiving end who cannot do for themselves and certainly can’t repay you. However, this doesn’t mean that in doing for others, you fail to have boundaries and thus neglect your own needs or the needs of those under your care (or within your sphere of influence). Secondly, I will admit – there are some family members that you and I know we really shouldn’t help – PERIOD!!! Some family members are always looking for a handout, feeling as if they’re entitled to help and thus expect others to provide for them irregardless of the circumstances. WRONG!!! These type of individuals faithfully take advantage of their own and as a result, one should use extreme caution when dealing with someone of this type of mentality – family or not.

On the other hand, unless you’re from a mob family, then not all of your family members are low-life’s or crooks. Those without vampiric tendencies oftentimes are genuine in their requests for help. Unfortunately, the truly genuine are often looked down upon, sometimes erroneously labeled as misfits. In such cases, the Universe might connect them with outsiders (non-family) who treat them far better than their own [blood relatives]. In such cases, they may eventually disconnect altogether from their birth or adopted families and stay close to their “surrogate” family instead. This may be necessary especially if their family of origin gets jealous of the “outsiders”. In other words, you don’t want to help but you’re mad because someone else is?!?

Yet, the backwardness of a Jezebel is quite real AND weird. Yet having grown up in the house of Jezebel, such actions shouldn’t astound me, yet they still do. At times, it can be mesmerizing to watch them serve as train wrecks in their own lives. Usually, the person closest to them either by blood, marriage, or adoption – those truly in need, could be standing right in front of them, yelling into a blow horn and wearing a cardboard sign pleading for help and the Jezebel would write them off. If the Jezebel doesn’t turn a blind eye, s/he might deliver a few insulting words: “You don’t need any help.” “Why are you being so melodramatic?” “Don’t you have a job?” “Well, if you work, then why do you need MY help?!?” “If you don’t have a job, when do you plan on getting one?” What’s sad is that the Jezebel may even know the full details of the asking parties’ situation (or worse, may be the root cause of the situation) and will still dismiss you. REALLY DUDE?!? Yet, a complete stranger, standing at an intersection, whom they don’t know and have never met, will captivate their attention, creating an unfounded sense of sympathy. They must help them even if it means giving them their LAST $2 DOLLARS. 💰

For example: There’s a particular spot near where I live that people in need will stand in hopes of acquiring spare change. At one point, I drove pass this spot on a daily basis and thus discerned that not everyone standing there was truly in need. Strangely enough, I saw an individual in a motorized wheelchair dangerously stationed there one weekend. A few hours later, I saw this same person sandwiched between two cars in line at the local drive-through daiquiri shop. (Now, please don’t get my words twisted and think I’m putting down a particular segment of the population such as the homeless or disadvantaged. I AM NOT!!!) Again, one must be discerning when helping others. But with this last incident, I could see clearly it was a setup, so I told the Jezebel I was riding with not to give this person anything.

Of course, I was wasting my breath (as I was trying to reason with a Jezebel). Their justifying words prove that they were without discernment regarding this particular person and was not open to hearing otherwise since they got caught up in their feelings recalling how they were once homeless and knew that plight all to well. Now, I don’t doubt he was homeless but even I could discern even his words wasn’t the whole truth. Yes, he came off as sound heroic unless you too can discern, he was a male Jezebel. (At that time, I suspected it about them but hadn’t received a clear confirmation from Spirit.)

Again, this person’s sound genuine yet was really full of BS! I know this because the parable of sorts that I shared with them back then, he tried to use in a later conversation with me and a friend of mine. During his “lecture” on discerning when to help others, he criticized a local pastor for failing to discern the needs between a single mom over a married family of 4 or 5 (in the same church). Yet, I was sitting directly across from him as he harped on and on about single parents in need. As the mother of his child, he was completely oblivious to my needs as a single mom raising “our” child without his active participation. At some point, you learn to stop wasting your breath trying to reason with a Jezebel. But then again, that’s how a Jezebel operates – as blind as a bat. Perhaps in our interactions with Jezebels, we can take a cue them via Tupac, when he said in his song entitled the Heartz of Men:

It’s a dirty game, ya’ll. You gotta be careful who you f*Ck with and who you don’t f*Ck with. ‘Cause the shyt get wild, y’all. Keep your mind on your riches, baby. Keep your mind on your riches.”
~All Eyez on Me (1996), emphasis added

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